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25th Annual Jewels On The Bay

Designer Showhouse Sarasota – The Big Reveal

In my last blog (Carte Blanche – Why Designer’s LOVE to Donate Design for a Showcase House), I talked about the Jewels on the Bay 2020 Designer Showhouse that Willow & August Interiors was preparing for (here in Sarasota). 

The event benefits The Boys & Girls Club of Sarasota County and runs March 15th through April 12th.  Tickets can be purchased on this link. www.designershowhousesarasota.com

Carte Blanche (Why Designer’s LOVE to Donate Design for a Showcase House)

Getting to design whatever you want (without having to consider a partner, husband, or client’s desires) is what every designer lives for (at least it’s what THIS designer lives for), and why I am participating in the 25th Annual Jewels on the Bay Designer Showhouse Sarasota.

The Simple Ingredients of Modern Coastal Interior Design

Whether a waterfront condo on one of Sarasota’s beaches or a lake house in Michigan, Willow & August Interiors incorporates key design ingredients to create modern coastal interiors that transcend geography.

Good Taste Never Goes Out of Style

I’m working with a great team of guys who are helping me with the Willow & August Interiors website.  They have given me a few “homework” assignments, so I spent much of the weekend going through photography of my interior design work from the past decade, and I realized something. Good taste never goes out of style, and good bones are good bones.

How to Create a Kitsch-Free Coastal Interior

Snowbirds abound in the Sarasota area (my parents were snowbirds for years, so I don’t mind one bit), and they all want their Florida homes to feel TOTALLY different from their northern abodes.  Many purchase furnished homes teeming with predictable “island” décor that usually includes bamboo or rattan (but in a dated way), palm fronds (on pillows, rugs, or wallpaper) and even upholstery fabrics with little flamingos, starfish or coral all over them.